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BakingCalculators.Com provides calculators and converters for baking enthusiasts the world over.

If you want to be a great baker, then you need accurate measurements. This is best achieved using sensitive digital weighing scales, but the reality is that many households don't own a set of scales or don't like to use them. In the United States, in particular, it is common to measure dry ingredients by volume, using cups, and fractions of cups, as the standard measurement unit.

This leads to a problem when it comes to interpreting recipes that you find on the internet. If ingredients are specified in weight (for example, in grams, as is standard practice in Europe), then people without scales are going to struggle. But if they are specified by volume (for example, in American customary cups), then people used to dealing in weight, and who don't own cups, are likewise going to be in trouble.

This is where our baking calculators come in. We have developed a database that consists of many thousands of ingredients all accurately measured and weighed, which enables us to convert between weight and volume. By combining this with a technology that understands the semantic structure of standard ingredient strings (and not so standard strings!), and which has a built-in natural language interpreter, we have constructed a tool that will accurately convert whole recipes between weight and volume (and vice versa) with one click of a button.

The quick converter tool that appears on the front page of our web site will successfully convert single ingredients between cups and grams, ounces and grams, and fluid ounces and milliliters. Our recipe converter, which is much more powerful, will handle both single ingredient conversions and whole recipe conversions, allowing users to choose, among other options, to which measurement system they wish to convert their ingredients.

The technology that drives the calculators on this web site is being improved all the time, but testing has shown it capable of successfully handling upwards of 95% of the individual ingredient items thrown at it. If you attempt to convert the text of War and Peace into grams, it will complain and throw an error. But if you input a standard recipe into it, something you've found on the web, even if the recipe incorporates previous conversions, and additional text, the chances are it will work perfectly.

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