Why Trust Our Results?

There are a number of single ingredient converters available on the web, so the question arises, why use ours? Well, apart from the obvious - our calculator allows you to input multiple ingredients and get all of those ingredients converted with one click of a button - we also leverage a vast database of ingredients to generate our results. Did you know that Dutch-process cocoa weighs less than your run of the mill cocoa - we do! This knowledge may be the difference between edible and inedible.

Our small team includes a professionally trained baker and a statistics expert qualified to doctorate level, and we worked tirelessly to make this calculator the best out there.

The results you see are not simply plucked out of thin air, but rather are sourced from a large database, which comprises thousands of carefully measured and remeasured ingredients. We give some details about this process in our FAQ.

If you think that a conversion is inaccurate, and you believe the fault to be ours, please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this and every other page.